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Biblical Citizenship In Modern America – In Person Course

January 20th, 2024|

I am so excited to announce that starting March 1st, 2024 I will be facilitating the Biblical Citizenship In Modern America Interactive Course offered through Patriot Academy in person thanks to a partnership with my dear friends Jesus Be Jumping Ministries. I am a Certified Constitution Coach with Patriot Academy and offer these programs under the banner of the Maryland Black Robe Regiment. To learn more about the program visit https://blackrobemd.org/bcmar2024.

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  • Photo: Artisan wood carver working.

A Single Creator

January 19th, 2023|

I found my mind wandering into an exploration of creation. It was not an exploration of the act of creation or how creation commenced but the ownership of it. My pondering led me to consider that there is only one creator of everything.

Expect False Teaching

September 29th, 2022|

Have you noticed a lot of complaining, judging, pointing fingers, and arguing going on these days? One group is right about a particular issue, while those that oppose them are perceived to be evil, vile, or the source of everything wrong in the world.