Pastor Steve is an outspoken Non-Denominational Minister, and advocate for Christian values, Traditional family, Constitutional Awareness, and the Protection of Children from Political and Ideological Indoctrination.

About Pastor Steve

Pastor Steve is affiliated with several organizations that defend and educate on constitutional rights, and the ethical raising of children and families. Though some many misinterpret his views and those of some of these organizations he is affiliated, Pastor Steve believes that regardless of race, environment, or political affiliation, all are God’s creation. He however does not compromise God’s word or condone anything that is contrary to or against the teachings of biblical scripture or the United States Constitution.

  • Lifelong resident of Harford County, Maryland, and resides in Abingdon, Maryland.

  • Former student and parent of the Harford County Public School System.

  • Former Senior Pastor, President, and Founder of Diakonos Independent Ministries of Maryland which ceased operation in 2023.
  • Experience in many skill areas, examples of which are media production, security awareness, and organizational management.

Steve currently volunteers in the ministry with Charm City Church in Abingdon, Maryland, where he leads the prayer ministry and works as needed behind the scenes to support the continued development of this young church.

Steve also volunteers as a Certified Constitution Coach through Patriot Academy presenting programs in Constitutional literacy and Biblical Citizenship.