Disaster Area

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Rev. Steven D. Hofmeister
October 26th, 2020

I get a lot of questions about why I have a sign that says “DISASTER AREA” hanging on the wall of my office as seen in several of my ministry’s videos. I get the same questions about the poster with the explosion scene in the background as well. How are these things appropriate for the Pastor’s Office?

There are indeed reasonable explanations for these. I will start with the “DISASTER AREA” sign. As I mentioned in a previous article on October 20, 2019, titled Checking In to The Looney Bin? I like to keep reminders around me to keep me centered. In that article, I shared the image of a souvenir certificate from a historical attraction in West Virginia which is a parody mental institution committal certificate with the diagnosis of egotism that hangs on a different wall. The diagnosis was randomly generated I assure you.

Just as this certificate serves as a reminder not to take myself too seriously, the “DISASTER AREA” sign is a reminder that we are all imperfect creatures. We all fall short and have our damage, which is why we need Jesus Christ.

The explosion scene poster has a less biblically topical explanation. This poster actually resides on that wall as a coincidence. I am a proud supporter of my country’s military men and women. This poster is actually the image of an armored military transport vehicle being tested at a local military testing facility for its resilience against IEDs (Improvised Explosive Devices). You may have heard of IEDs on the evening news regarding places like Afghanistan. These vehicles have been in use now for several years in these areas and have saved countless lives. One variant is actually designed to locate, remove, and destroy these IEDs. The poster was a gift to my Son from a retired military friend and has actually been on that wall for several years well before I occupied this space as my office or entered into the ministry. The finish of the wall behind the poster needs some serious love before I can put anything else in place of it or take it down. One day I intend to redo that wall, but for right now the Lord has my focus elsewhere of greater importance.

So remember my brothers and sisters, don’t take yourself too seriously, and remember we are all “Disaster Areas” in our own ways, with Jesus Christ, we can overcome the disasters and become more sanctified if we keep our focus on the King more than ourselves