EDITORIAL NOTE: The video link at the bottom was meant to autoplay with this blog post.  Some browsers and situations do not allow the autoplay function to work.  I recommend playing it while reading this post. — Pastor Steve

I have blogged before about my Late Father-In-Law.  What I did not mention in that blog post is that Joe loved working with wood.  He especially enjoyed making Jesus Crosses as pictured above.  He called his small basement workshop his Prayer Workshop, and I can only assume now that this is what he did while making these crosses in mass quantity.  I still today even though his Daughter and I are no longer together have one made of cedar hanging on my basement wall.  That particular one is special because it was made of wood from a fallen tree from my yard.

When Joe was called home by the Lord, my Son (Now 20), inherited all of his tools, and also all of his remaining crosses.  Pretty much all of them have been dispersed just as Joe would have to people we knew needed them, or would appreciate them.

Though the ones that were finished and beautiful were special, the ones we have come to cherish still sit in my basement workshop.  These are the crosses that were either his beginning practice pieces or templates he made to preserve the design.  The one above has come to hold extra meaning.

The Cross shown above is the one I chose to become my portable alter if you will.  This cross is far from finished, stained up with drips of varnish from other projects, unsanded, nicks and cuts here and there as it was a test piece made of wood scraps.  The design is also flawed in comparison to the more refined versions.  So why did I choose this ragged chopped up cross?  The answer comes in many parts.

  • I chose this cross because it is a reminder to me that we as humans are not perfect, that we never will be perfect. The Perfect One was sacrificed for our sins and reigns by his Father’s side in Heaven.
  • I chose this cross because it is a reminder that the Lord decides when our work is done.  Though we may be called home with projects unfinished, and our worldly goals incomplete, God has a greater plan for us and those we love and reach in our earthly time.
  • I chose this cross because it is a reminder that no matter how broken, unrefined, tarnished, or stained we have become from our lives and sin,  Jesus Christ died for us, God Almighty loves us and the Holy Spirit is here to guide us.  That no matter how unworthy we may feel he stands with open arms to welcome us back as long as we open our hearts to him and acknowledge Jesus Christ as our Savior and ask for forgiveness.
Though I have not started this routine as of yet because of my studies and finishing off my focus on some personal health matters, this cross will accompany me as I find places in parks, and the like to worship the Lord, welcoming anyone who wishes to join me.  God does not need a fancy building or rigid liturgy to be worshiped.  All of God’s creation is his church and where those who gather in his name he has said he will be there Matthew 18:20.

If you are looking to find Jesus Christ, if you feel you are in need to talk to someone about coming to know him better, Even if you just need someone to talk to or to pray with you I encourage you to reach out to a local Christian Church in your community.

If you don’t know who to reach out to, or you are not comfortable making that first step alone then I encourage you to call me 24 hours a day at 443-203-8238.  Select Option 3, I may not answer the call immediately, but please leave a message and share with me your need.  I Will return your call if you leave a message.

As my ministry grows more people will become available to help and be available to answer the call of need.  If you are an Ordained Christian Minister, Lay Leader, Worship Leader, Worship Musician, or think you may have a gift that would benefit.  Please visit https://dimom.org/volunteer-opportunities, email us at volunteer@dimom.org, or call us at 443-203-8238.

We are open to anyone who wants to help us spread God’s Word and Worship Him.  We are currently focused on Northeastern Maryland at this time but have a called vision to reach out to wherever the Lord’s will may call.

May God Bless You,

Pastor Steve

Joe loved the Hymn “The Old Rugged Cross”, and I know he would have loved this video I found this morning as I was looking for a version of it to accompany this post.

A Special Thanks and Shout Out to Carlo Bacalla for the awesome Guitar Work on the Old Rugged Cross he posted on Youtube.  God Bless! and keep on shredding for the Lord!