One of the fantastic lessons God has taught me on this journey is that when you help others, you are helping yourself just as much, sometimes more.


I was conversing with someone this morning who has had a long history of people talking down to them and ridiculing them. This person’s community is not much better, they are judged for petty things everywhere they go. For the sake of that person’s preservation that is all I will mention for the purposes of this blog article.




I always try to uplift this person and get them to see they are much better than people make them feel, that their heart glow outshines anything they are subconscious about. Being disabled from a disease I have had since I was a child, my legs appear differently than the average person, so I can appreciate being subconscious about appearance in that respect. I personally have been praying and working hard to overcome my own pitfalls in that realm.




During this conversation, I mentioned something I once told my elementary school-aged Son (at the time). He was being bullied and picked on and was down on himself. I told him you have to build yourself up and not let these people get to you. I explained it like this.


Castle – Arco, Italy
The strongest cities are built on the high mountain, up there arrows can’t reach, and soldiers can’t climb. Your people can take refuge deep within the city when an attack is coming. The stronger you build that city, the harder it will be for them to harm you. Remember though the sweetest fruit comes from the fertile soil at the bottom of the mountain. You need to keep your crops well-fed and healthy too. Make sure to build strong walls and a sturdy gate at the base of your mountain; that way, you can stop those who attack you from trampling your crops and ruining your food.


As you can well imagine this was met with a puzzling look from my child.  He Said, “Dad. What are you talking about?  I don’t have a mountain!”




I replied, yes. Indeed, you do.  You have a robust and healthy mountain.  Learn as much as you can,
use that knowledge to build your city (Your Mind)  the stronger you strengthen your mind, the harder it is for bullies or people who want to sway you from changing your perspective of yourself.
You also want to build the wall around the fields at the base of your mountain (Your Heart). Don’t forget a gate that you can open to those who have earned entry to your city.  You don’t want to keep those who make you a stronger city from getting in.  If you have that walls and gate, you will be able to keep those who try to hurt your spirit from tramping the fields the fuel your city.
My Son, now captivated said, “So that means I’m the Mountain?”  I said YES! You are one of the most robust mountains to have ever blessed my life.  Build the City of your Mind, and Fortify the Fields of Your Heart.  If you have these defenses, no one can ever make you feel less than who you are within your Mountain Fortress.
Annual repair of the world's largest mud brick building the Great Mosque of Djenné in Mali. (32088227574)
Annual repair of the world’s largest mud-brick
building the Great Mosque of Djenné in Mali.
Remember that your walls are going to take damage once in a while, and fire may rage in your city.  These are things that can be mended.  Don’t let them tear down your walls, and don’t let the fire of anger burn down your city. You always have to be ready to repair your fortress after the battle.
My walk with God is part of rebuilding my fortress after life’s battles.  It is the reflection into God’s word that shores up my walls and tightens the bolts on my gate.
I’m not sure if my sharing of this story in the condensed form I used reached the person I was talking with, maybe this form will reach them deeper.  What amazes me is that up until that conversation, I had forgotten about that story.  If I had not been put in the position to share that I’m not sure I ever would have recalled it.
This is what I mean when you help others, you are helping yourself just as much, sometimes more. In this case, sometimes more is that in the grand scheme, I needed to hear my own advise. This is one of the many moments that God talks within me and through me.


Proverbs 14:26


Whoever fears the Lord has a secure fortress, 

and for their children it will be a refuge.

Pastor Steve