Building this ministry is definitely becoming an adventure.  I was involved in the founding of a church and worked with a Non-Profit Children’s Charity for a short time. With that said, I am still bewildered at the costs associated with starting up a Non-Profit Organization.

It’s a blessing that I have time between my studies in Ministry and God’s Word to work on building this. The downside, however, is not personally having the monetary resources to bring it to life on my own effort.
There are fees to register as a business with the State, Fees to file for classification as a 501 (c) (3), and any legal fees for consulting legal counsel.  Then there are the other costs of materials, supplies, promotional expenses, and most of all any necessary equipment or liturgical items.

Like many people, I have never been fond of evangelists who always seem to have their hand out pleading for money or trying to sell you a miracle.  I assure you I am far from that type.

I have no miracles to sell, nor am I going to jump up and down yelling that you will go to hell for not contributing to this cause.  I do, however, appreciate any support that you may be willing to help to start this mission to spread God’s Word.  If you are willing to stand behind us and support us beyond that, we are even more grateful.

So in closing, please pray on it, search your heart, and if the Lord calls to you to support this mission even in the smallest way we thank you for your help.

You can contribute by clicking on the GoFundMe logo above or the GoFundMe in the sentence.

God Bless,

Pastor Steve