Settling Into Big Changes

September 11, 2023

There is quite a lot of “What’s New” going on lately, from affiliations with a new church to teaching Biblical Citizenship to expanded duties with the Black Robe Regiment.

Pictured Left to Right: Steve Hofmeister, Kyle Hofmeister, Pastor Michael Eufemia

“Welcome to Charm City”

As you may know, in July, we decided to end Diakonos Independent Ministries of Maryland after four years of hard choices and not gaining the traction we were praying for. We don’t count this as a failure or loss but instead a stepping stone—a small part of God’s greater plan. To say I was feeling a little lost would be an understatement. Two days after we decided to finalize the shutdown, I prayed,

Lord, It is obvious that you are taking things in new directions. I trust this is all part of your plan, but I feel discouraged.

Father, you know I’m not one to ask you to show me anything because I trust your direction, but tonight, I just need some encouragement.

I concluded my nightly prayers and went about my pre-bedtime social media rounds. Not giving it another thought. While scrolling through Facebook®, I discovered something I had never seen in my feed. It was an ad for a new church plant. I was intrigued, and I learned it was in my town and that their first public event was the following evening.

But this is not what captivated me the most. What caught my attention was the bold words in the ad, “YOU BELONG HERE.” I sat mesmerized by this for several minutes. I said, “There is no way I can ignore this. Could this be the encouragement I was asking for?” Taking the short road of the story, I reached out to Pastor Michael Eufemia, the Senior Pastor, and explained my journey. He invited me to join them with open arms, and we would meet again later the following week.

So, where am I going with all this? It has now been just over three months. Though I am not serving in a pastoral capacity at this stage of the plant’s growth (which I’m totally cool with), I am now serving as the prayer team leader of Charm City Church in Abingdon, Maryland. Wow, what a ride it has been. I am working with a much younger group, and they have energized me. They have made me look at many things from different perspectives I had not previously considered. But they are true to God’s word and preach the scripture. Now, working with Pastor Michael, Pastor Andrew, and the rest of the team, we are growing every week. This is only part of the story.

“Sliding Into The Black Robe”

On top of my previous affiliations with the “Black Robe Regiment,” I now lead the very young Maryland Chapter of the America’s Black Robe Regiment. I have taken this volunteer position, knowing it will be an uphill battle in my local political climate. But, alas, it is crucial. You may have read my article referencing the historical significance of “The Black Robe Regiment.” The modern-day “Black Robe Regiment” continues similarly, defending constitutional rights and biblically sound Christian and family values while teaching the importance of Biblical Citizenship. I have had some really neat experiences during my time with this endeavor, even getting a chance to briefly speak with Kirk Cameron.

Pictured Left to Right: Kirk Cameron "Mike Seaver" - Actor/Evangelist, Rev. William Cook - Director - America's Black Robe Regiment, Rev. Steve Hofmeister - Maryland Black Robe Regiment

“Biblical Citizenship”

This brings us to exactly that topic. Biblical Citizenship. In tandem with my “Maryland Black Robe Regiment” tasks, I joined Patriot Academy as a Licensed Constitution Coach. This allows me to present their Biblical Citizenship In Modern America Program. This program shares some fantastic historical facts, artifacts, and things you will not learn in traditional educational avenues. The most important aspect of the program is that it shows why Christians need to be involved in the process of government and voting. I highly recommend it, even if you don’t review one of my presentations. If you would be interested in having me present this program in one of several different configurations to your group, or church in the Greater Baltimore, Maryland Area, reach out to me on the contact link my website.

So, as you can see, I have been a very busy boy since July, which is why I have not written or recorded a “Quick Points” podcast in a while.  I will be more diligent from now on out, keeping things updated in this new direction.


God Bless

Rev. Steven D. Hofmeister
Rev. Steven D. HofmeisterNon-Denominational Minister, Licensed Constitution Coach, Advocate for Parental Rights
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