I had the most wonderful blessing to meet Brother Henry Williams II today in Baltimore, Maryland. This young man just oozes the Holy Spirit, I felt his warmth from 25 feet away.

I met this great gentleman who reached out on a Facebook group I co-admin called Christians Helping Christians. Brother Henry was looking for help obtaining Bibles for his four children, his wife, and himself so that they had matching translations in order to grow their ministry and properly teach their children.

Being I reside only 30 miles or so from Brother Henry, I utilized donations from our Give- A-Bible program to see that this wonderful young Christian couple can grow their family in the Lord’s Word.

I was greeted with a warm hug, a wonderful caring smile, and received a great blessing prayer. God Bless your Family Brother Henry, and be sure to pay forward the blessing of this gift.

This was made possible by donations from many generous people, but we still only have a small budget to work with. If you have ever priced quality bibles, they are not cheap, so we ask even if you can’t donate to support of ministry operations please consider a donation to our Give-A-Bible Program. It is the backbone of our outreach and something that is really blessing people.

You can donate to our ministry, or specifically to the Give-A-Bible Fund by visiting https://www.supportful.com/diakonosmd. We use this platform so you have the choice of generally donating, or supporting individual programs. If you would like to donate by other means please reach out to us at 443-203-8238 or at info@dimom.org