Everyday we work and pray for the continued growth and development of our ministry. We have strong hopes to kick things off strongly come spring. The Lord has been very good to us in inspiration. However we are struggling to get a foothold on the unfortunate complication that limits many great ideas. That complication of course is the finances we need to strengthen and properly organize as a non-profit. We strongly believe the Lord will provide the resources we need to conduct his work, but we need help to lay the groundwork to do it.

Once we can get properly set up and registered as a 501 (c) (3) Not for Profit, we will be able to apply for grants and other resources that are currently unavailable to us. We have spent many hours researching and looking for grants that do not require this non-profit status or grants that will support us obtaining it. The grants that do exist out there however are limited to geographic areas that we are not able to serve.

We also are always looking for people to help us accomplish our manifest mission of “Bringing the Community to Christ, By Bringing Christ to the Community.” This requires volunteer musicians, outreach volunteers, and other skill sets to accomplish. We have begun to list these volunteer opportunities on our jobs section of our website at https://dimom.org/job-openings. As much as we would love to pay everyone involved for their work that is just not in the cards on any level of our ministry at this time. Even I the Lead Pastor and Founder am volunteering my time.

We currently have over $200.00+ in contributions toward our Non-Profit Incorporation fund, but there is a long way to go. We would really love to meet this goal before spring so we can focus on outreach and spreading the love of Jesus Christ.

We have recently setup fundraising efforts through Supportful. You can reach our fundraising profile by clicking this link.

We also accept contributions through PayPal mobile payments at +1 443-203-8238 or online at paypal.me/DiakonosMD.

I “Pastor Steve” can accept cash & debit/credit transactions in person if that is a better option. We are not currently accepting checks unless they are made out to Rev. Steven D. Hofmeister. This is only because we do not have a bank account under the ministry name until we get our non-profit status.

Thank You for your continued prayer and support. May God Bless You.

Pastor Steve