We are currently running a Supportful Page to raise funds to properly incorporate our ministry as a Not For Profit. The Supportful platform allows us to not only campaign for our Not For Profit Fund but allows us to lay out all the other funding goals, volunteer needs, and material needs we have to consider. Please consider checking it out. There are many different funding goals we have established. The Not For Profit Incorporation Fund Goal is our current priority.

Purpose of Fundraiser

This fundraiser will help us raise the necessary funds to incorporate our ministry as a 501 (c) (3) Not For Profit Organization and the proper licensing for the areas we will serve.

Incorporating as a “Not For Profit” will give us the abilities to:

  • Grant Tax-Deductible Status to Donations
  • Apply for Grants and Funding Resources the require a 501 (c) (3) Not for Profit classification. (which is 95% of the grants offered to programs such as ours)
  • Access to free or reduced-cost resources and tools from providers such as Google®.
  • Distribute credit for volunteer hours to volunteers to our programs that are recognized by government agencies and corporate organizations.
  • Represent ourselves in Non-Profit Directories and vetting services to increase our legitimacy and image to prospective donors.